Invest in wind power

Today, there are several good reasons to expand wind power in both Sweden and the rest of the world.

Hand in hand with the development that prevails in several countries, the demands on access to energy will continue to increase. This is in step with countries such as China and India undergoing rapid development towards the same living standards as in the Western world. In order to be able to meet both the energy supply and the climate goals in this situation, an investment in wind power will be inevitable.


Wind power is a renewable energy source, which means that it will also be attractive in the future as coal and oil power plants will probably be gradually taxed more and more at the same time as oil prices rise. In addition to rising prices for conventional energy sources, states will probably continue to subsidize renewable energy such as wind power, which will make it economically profitable to invest in the future.

If you compare wind farms with other energy sources, they are very safe. A core melt in a nuclear power plant or a fire in a coal or oil power plant affects the environment much more than falling rotor blades or ice that detaches from the rotor blades.

When building parks, you get more wind power for the money as the costs for the construction of the infrastructure are divided into several plants. You can take advantage of this by building parks where there is developed infrastructure or where the infrastructure needs to be expanded. This way, additional money can be saved. The parks have another advantage as the wind turbines are concentrated in small areas instead of being scattered and destroying important natural values.

Wind turbines a good buy!

It is time to buy wind turbines. Wind power is an energy source with enormous potential and great future development opportunities. Today, about 80 of the world's countries have chosen to invest in wind power. Growth is very good and the total capacity in the world is expected to double every 3-5 years period, the next decades.

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